It’s 2020, so of course, we don’t look back when it comes to creative trends and nail shapes. We look forward to a cosmic future and embrace a new environmentally conscious lifestyle with organic product choices and earthy nail designs. 

Here are the super nail trends for 2020. 


Last year, we found water on Mars and took the first picture of a black hole, so this year it’s all about the mysterious universe. Constellations and stars give your nails a touch of mystique, and will make you feel a little bit like Super Girl. Black nails are both sophisticated and covertly Bond-girl fun.  



The planet needs our care more than ever with the current global warming epidemic. Show your social responsibility with a plant nail design and inspire more environmentally friendly adoptions. Aside from that, you can also choose from nail products that are made from environmentally friendly ingredients through an animal cruelty free approach. 

Photo by @nailscope



We’ve always been about sparkles bling, but this year, we are taking it further and want to cover our digits in natural stones. Gemstones and crystals are known for their healing powers for thousands of years, and nothing demands more attention than multifaceted precious rocks on your nails. 


It’s one of the first symbols we learn how to draw as a child, and growing up, it’s the first thing that gets broken hard, so the heart has always been a part of a woman’s growth journey. Heart designs have never been out of style, and will continue to dominate for as long as the human race exists. Tips: you can easily create perfect hearts on your fingernails by dragging a toothpick over small droplets of wet nail polish. 

Photo from www.zarias.com

For nail shapes, almond will be the most requested shapes in salons all over the world for its classic appeal. For those who want a more playful look, coffin shape will be the right choice. These shapes are the most googled and instagramed nail trends for this year.

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