They say nail professionals are like beauty doctors, the safeguards of health and well-being for lovers of manicures everywhere. While customers come to a salon for impressive nail designs, they will stay for good hygiene practices. Here are some reminders that proper sanitation is the key to good customer service as it helps minimize the spread of bacteria from fingers to fingers.  



Knowing and practicing strict guidelines of sanitizing tools, workstations, and working surfaces are crucial to customer’s health. The sterilization process involves three steps: cleaning tools with soap and water, disinfecting tools with a wet sanitizer such as barbicide for 30 minutes, and baking tools under ultraviolet rays, dry heat or autoclave to completely eliminate microbial factors.


Nail professionals are the ones servicing customers directly, and thus are mainly responsible for making sure customers are safe. If the customers have open sores, cuts, and other skin issues, refuse the service to keep them and other customers safe. The sharing of products are unavoidable in many nail services, but we can ensure tools are properly sanitized and customer conditions are properly assessed with each salon visit to reduce health risks for everyone.
Furthermore, nail professionals should keep all their vaccinations up to date to avoid spreading any infectious diseases to their customers. Salon managers should ensure the salons are clean, and the salon environments don’t promote fungus and other airborne bacteria.
It is also important that nail professionals learn the proper way to apply each product. This will ensure smooth application and reduce trade mishaps that can cause injuries to the customers. Nail professionals should attend regular demo shows where new products are being correctly demonstrated by the brands’ team of Experienced Educators. Classique Nails Beauty Supply frequently hosts free demo shows, please check our website or follow our Facebook page for updates.

Classique Nails Beauty Supply carries a wide range of sanitation products for every step of the service process, from fungus treatments to wipes, disinfectants, and more. With every spa chair, manicure table, or nail tool, Classique Nails Beauty Supply offers a free hygiene tutorial and proper usage instructions of these equipment.
Achieving proper hygiene is a collective effort shared by salon managers, nail professionals, and customers. Salon managers are responsible for enforcing a good hygiene protocol for every new employee to instill safe practices into daily routines. Nail professionals are responsible for educating themselves and following the appropriate sanitization steps. Customers are responsible for ensuring they are at their best health when seeking salon services, and also responsible for making sure their local nail salons are following correct safety measures.
Beautiful nails are healthy nails. Good customers are healthy customers. Good salons are hygienic salons.


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