New Breakthrough NuRevolution Products at Classique Nail Beauty Supply

NuRevolution has an excellent reputation in the nail and beauty industry as they only introduce breakthrough revolutionary products that are made in South Korea and U.S. They have chosen CNBS as their exclusive distributor for the Canadian market, so you can only get their latest products from our shelves.

Recently, Helen Cao – Nu Revolution’s Educator came to visit CNBS and highlighted some exciting products that will help revolutionize the way you service your salon customers.

NuRevolution Wire or Less Nail LampThe NuRevolution Wire or Less Nail Lamp is different than all the others you have seen on the market. With edge-to-edge bulbs surrounding all three sides of the lamp, customers no longer have to insert the entire length of their hands, risking nail chipping to get the full and fast drying benefit. You can use this lamp conveniently by selecting any time length, wireless or hooked up.


Nurevolution: Pure Diamond Hologram CollectionAnother exciting product that your customers will absolutely love is the dip and hologram chrome kit, available in Silver or Black. This kit features 6 products including dipping powder, super base, super top, and a variety of hologram glitters for you to achieve that mysterious femme fatale or ice queen look. As part of its promotion, NuRevolution, with the assistance of its official spokesperson, the fabulous song diva Nguyen Hong Nhung, had put four 1K GIA certified diamonds into these kits. You can participate to win by purchasing these nail kits at CNBS. You must keep the receipt of purchase to claim your prize.

solar-activated nail polishIf heat-activated, mood changing nail polish was a hit when first introduced, NuRevolution has outdone themselves by introducing a new line of solar-activated nail polish that changes colors with sun exposure, making it one of the most unique products on everyone’s fingers. NuRevolution also has a 12 color kit of temperature-activated nail polish that you can add to your creative nail art collections.



While you are browsing for these amazing new products, don’t forget to check out their exclusive Vegan Trio Nail Kit that currently comes in 116 colors, which include dipping powder, gel polish and regular polish. These products have zero toxic ingredients and go on nails as smooth as butter, making the application process very enjoyable for you and the clients.

NuRevolution also has three chrome nail art collections - pearl, gold, and silver - that you can apply on top of a gel nail base. CNBS has made many video tutorials for you to follow to achieve this glamorous look for your happy clients.

As part of our commitment to innovation and education, CNBS is constantly introducing new smart products to our existing line of nail and beauty, as well as easy-to-follow tutorial videos of these new products so you can quickly become experts.

Click below to watch demo videos about these NuRevolution products, exclusively available at Classique Nail Beauty Supply.  


New Product at CNBS: Wire or Less LED/UV from Nurevolution


Trio set and solar glitter change color products intro from Nurevolution


Chances to win 1 of 4 Certified 1+ Carat GIA Diamond


Instructions how to do chrome base from Nurevolution

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