CND Plexigel - Builder Gel and Acrylic Nail Course

Join us at Classique Nails Beauty Supply for our CND™ Education Classes, offering a diverse range of courses including Plexigel - Builder Gel, odorless sculpting liquid (monomers) with Acrylic nail powder, and more. Partnering with CND®, we offer tailored educational opportunities for nail professionals across Canada, regardless of your experience level. Our certified instructors are industry experts dedicated to providing top-notch education and training, ensuring you build a solid foundation for success in the nail industry.

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What sets CND Nail Course Apart?

Attending a CND class is the optimal route to enhance your expertise and understanding as a nail professional in Canada. You'll explore the advantages of the latest CND products and techniques, keeping you at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty sector. Whether you aspire to work in a salon or establish a professional account with wholesale beauty suppliers, CND certification can unlock myriad opportunities.

Advantages of CND Company's Certification

CND certification provides numerous advantages for both newcomers and experienced professionals. Beginners can explore essential topics such as salon safety, color theory, nail enhancements, and business development strategies in our foundational classes, crucial for starting their careers.

Advanced students can benefit from our specialized courses, which offer thorough training on advanced techniques and the latest product systems, allowing them to expand their services and attract dedicated clients.

Furthermore, CND certification can boost your prospects in reputable salons or spas, as employers highly value the expertise and credibility gained through our training. Additionally, becoming a certified CND nail professional may qualify you to open a professional account with Classique Nails Beauty Supply, granting access to exclusive products and discounts for your nail business.

Upcoming CND Nail Certification Course


Cost: $799 + tax (includes Student kit)

When: April 28th - April 29th, 2024 (10am - 6pm)

To Register: Call (416) 746 - 7000 or Text (647) 446 - 7808

Location: 3615 Weston Rd, Unit 3A, Toronto, ON, M9L 1V8, Canada

For further details, please see below.

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Master the art of creating sculpted gel nails with the PLEXIGEL™ brush-in-a-bottle gel enhancement system. Explore the thick viscosity and professional nail techniques to provide length, thickness or strength for any types of nail extensions or overlay nails. Fix it. Shape it. Build it.

Digital: 90 Minutes

In-Person: 2 hours

Course Highlights

  • CND™ PLEXIGEL System
  • CND™ PLEXIGEL Shaper, Builder & Color Builder
  • Proper P.R.E.P. Protocol
  • Design On Natural Nail, Tip & Form
  • Nail Art Design
  • Finish Filing
  • Rebalance & Removal Protocols
  • Business Building
  • Troubleshooting
  • Earn CND™ Digital Certificate
  • Earn CND™ Digital Badge


  • CND™ LED Lamp
  • CND™ PLEXIGEL System Bonder, Shaper, Builder & Color Builder, Protector Top Coat
  • CND™ SHELLAC™ Color Coat & Top Coat
  • CND™ Future Forms*
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol*
  • One hand free of product or practice hand
  • E-file (Nail Drill Machine)
  • Mandrel & sanding bands
  • Carbide nail drill bits
  • Acetone and lint-free wipes

Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, the CND PLEXIGEL™ course offers a comprehensive learning journey. Dive into the realm of crafting stunning, sculpted nail sets, mastering the versatility of the PLEXIGEL™ system, and acquiring skills to tackle various nail challenges effectively.

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Elevate your style and revolutionize your nail game with the unbeatable strength and durability of the CND Liquid & Powder enhancement systems. With CND™ Retention+ or Odorless Sculpting Liquid paired with Perfect Color Powders, achieve limitless transformations and dramatic illusions. This dynamic combination is the ideal solution for challenging nail types, including bitten, flat, or ski jump nails.

Digital: 90 Minutes

In-Person: 2 hours

What You'll Learn

  • CND™ P.R.E.P. Protocol
  • Proper Mixing Ratios
  • CND™ Architectural Design Sculpting
  • Finish Filing
  • Nail Art Design
  • Business Building
  • Troubleshooting
  • Earn CND™ Digital Certificate
  • Earn CND™ Digital Badge


  • CND™ RETENTION+™ Powder
  • CND™ Perfect Color Powders (3 – Clear, White & Opaque)
  • CND™ RETENTION+™ & Odorless Sculpting Liquid
  • Dappen Dish*
  • Sculpting Brush*
  • CND™ Tips*
  • One hand with natural nails or hand model
  • E-file (Nail Drill Machine)
  • Mandrel & sanding bands
  • Carbide nail drill bits
  • Acetone and lint-free wipes

For those seeking to refine their skills in acrylic enhancements, the ODORLESS SCULPTING LIQUID AND ACRYLIC POWDER EDUCATION course is ideal. Delve into odorless service techniques and uncover the potential of CND Acrylic Powder. Gain vital insights into working with odorless sculpting liquid & acrylic powder and the significance of proper application for durable and impeccable nail enhancements, elevating your reputation as a nail professional in Canada.

What includes in Student Kit:

2 SHELLAC Colors .25 fl oz
BASE COAT .42 fl oz
No-Wipe+ Top Coat .4 fl oz
XPRESS5™ Top Coat .25 fl oz
OFFLY FAST™ Moisturizing Remover (Acetone) 2 fl oz
Long Wear Shine Top Coat .5 fl oz
Plexigel Bonder .5 fl oz
Plexigel Builder .5 fl oz
Plexigel Shaper .5 fl oz
Plexigel Protector Top Coat .5 fl oz
Coloured Plexigel Builder .5 fl oz
NEW! Odorless Monomer 4 fl oz
Clear Powder .8 fl oz
Pure White - Opaque Powder .8 fl oz
Pre-Shaped Coffin Tips 100-Tray
Pre-Shaped Stiletto Tips 100-Tray
SolarOil™ .25 fl oz
ScrubFresh™ (Alcohol) 7.5 fl oz
Cuticle Away 6 fl oz


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