CND Shellac & Vinylux Polish, Summer 2024 - Gleam & Glow Collection

This summer, the Gleam & Glow collection invites your clients to escape their worries and embrace a world of vibrant, playful, and expressive nail art. Inspired by a life lived boldly and in full color, the CND Summer 2024 line resonates with adventurous spirits seeking joy in every stroke. Elevate your salon experience by introducing these spirited shades that transcend typical nail colors – they're an invitation to celebrate the exuberance of the season.
cnd vinylux nail polish night brilliance, cnd vinylux nail polish ig-night-ed

Collection Highlights:

  • Six brilliant, vibrant shades
  • Available in CND Shellac Gel Polish
  • Available in CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish
  • Quick-curing LED/UV technology
  • Inspired by seasonal themes
  • Formulated for artistic nail designs
  • Easy application

CND Shellac & Matching Vinylux Polish:

cnd vinylux nail polish sunrise energy
  • Catching Light: Like capturing sunlight in a bottle, this sparkling yellow shade exudes vibrancy and cheer, commanding attention and radiating positivity with every wear.
cnd shellac gel nail polish ig-night-ed
  • Ig-night-ed: A tribute to warm summer nights, this bold fiery red color embodies intensity and passion, making a confident and daring statement.
cnd shellac gel nail polish catching light, cnd shellac gel nail polish
  • Magenta Sky: Experience the deep magenta of twilight skies with this sophisticated shade, perfect for those who appreciate the drama of summer evenings.
cnd shellac gel nail polish catching light, cnd shellac gel nail polish ig-night-ed
  • Meadow Glow: Celebrate the lushness of summer meadows with this lively green hue that reflects light and vitality, bringing nature to your fingertips.


cnd shellac gel nail polish meadow glow


  • Night Brilliance: Soft and elegant like evening stars, this light pink shade whispers sophistication and mystery against the summer night.
cnd shellac gel nail polish sunrise energy
  • Sunrise Energy: A gentle yet powerful pink that embodies the hopeful energy of dawn, promising a fresh start with each application.


  1. What is the new CND Shellac 2024? The CND™ Spring 2024 collection, "Across the Mani-Verse," presents an uplifting color palette, guiding you through playful hues, shimmering holographic touches, and vibrant psychedelic patterns. Available in CND Shellac (Gel) and CND Vinylux (Lacquer).
  2. Is Cnd shellac non-toxic? Yes. CND Shellac does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate).
  3. Does CND have formaldehyde? CND Vinylux nail polish is 7-Free and does not contain: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene or MEK.
  4. Cnd summer 2024 release date? The CND Summer 2024 collection will be officially released on May 1st, 2024


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