Gelish & Morgan Taylor - Lace Is More Collection

Gelish® and Morgan Taylor® are thrilled to introduce the new Lace Is More collection. This collection celebrates the delicate balance between sweetness and boldness, offering a range of colors that promise to brighten your days throughout the spring season. Drawing inspiration from the luxurious subtlety and femininity of lace, these colors showcase the juxtaposition between the soft, airy essence of the season and the vibrant pastel hues that define the collection.
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Introducing Gelish Gel Polish & Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Colors:

  1. Very Berry Clean: A captivating shade of purple grape crème that embodies the subtle elegance of lace, reminiscent of delicate lavender blooms, exuding femininity and grace.
  2. Tidy Touch: A salmon pink crème shade that mirrors the gentle blush of ballet slippers, striking a sophisticated yet subtle balance between softness and vivacity.
  3. Sunny Daze Ahead: A pale yellow crème shade evoking sunny elegance, akin to a whisper of fresh lemon chiffon, infusing warmth and charm into your nails.
  4. Freshly Cut: A clover green crème shade that enchants with the verdant beauty of a spring meadow, reflecting the intricate and calming patterns found in lacework.
  5. Sweet Morning Breeze: An exquisite baby blue iridescent shade shimmering like moonlight on water, capturing the ethereal beauty of lace with a touch of mystery and glamour.
  6. Lace Be Honest: A soft kumquat crème that brings serenity to your nails, inspired by the gentle hues of kumquats and the delightful intricacies of lace.
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Get inspired by creating enchanting nails designs that blend shades like "Very Berry Clean" and "Tidy Touch" or embrace the warmth of "Sunny Daze Ahead" paired with complementary hues. Elevate your artistry with professional tools like an LED/UV Nail Lamp for flawless curing and a Nail Drill Maching for perfecting intricate details.

 Experience the Splash of Color Collection by Gelish & Morgan Taylor today!

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  • Is gel polish the same as Gelish? Yes, both utilize UV and LED gel, with Gelish being a popular term for gel polish.

  • How do you apply Gelish polish at home? Apply a base coat, followed by two layers of color, curing each coat. Finish with a top coat and clean the tacky surface.

  • How do you remove Gelish from nails? File the nail bed, apply acetone-soaked cotton balls, wrap in aluminum foil, use a cuticle pusher to remove gel polish, buff nails, and apply cuticle oil.

  • Is Gelish polish UV or LED? Gelish products are designed to cure quickly under LED Nail Lamp, emitting light at a wavelength of 395-410 nanometers.

  • Where to buy Morgan Taylor Nail polish? You can purchase online at or visit our store at 3615 Weston Rd, Unit 3, Toronto, ON, M9L 1V8, Canada.

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