Kokoist Satin Magnet - Velvet Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Introduce your creativity to a new level and redefine the cat-eye nail trend with the latest addition to the manicure world: Kokoist Satin magnetic gel polish.

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Crafted specifically for the ambitious nail professional, this revolutionary magnetized gel polish introduces a velvety texture adorned with shimmering accents, offering a kaleidoscope of hues that effortlessly shift and dance under magnetic influence. With Kokoist Satin, you're not just presenting a cat-eye manicure; you're providing a captivating journey of luxury and sophistication. Enhance your client services and let the enchanting charm of Kokoist Satin set a new benchmark in nail artistry.

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Trending Cat Eye Nail Colors

  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - White Satin SM-23: This shade creates a striking contrast between smoothness and texture, resembling luxurious velvet, ideal for formal occasions.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Apricot Satin SM-22: Adding depth and dimension, this color mimics the allure of velvet, perfect for special events.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Chocolate Satin SM-21: Infusing nails with a subtle shimmer and soft velvet touch, this hue is perfect for serene getaways.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Graige Satin SM-20: Adding a touch of magic and smooth velvet finish, this shade suits new adventures.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Mauve Satin SM-19: Offering a gentle glow and cozy velvet feel, this color is ideal for intimate settings.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Rose Satin SM-18: With its high shine and velvety texture, this shade is perfect for lively occasions.
  • Kokoist Satin Magnet, Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Camel Satin SM-17: Emitting a gentle glow and a comforting velvet feel, this hue is ideal for cozy evenings.
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Key Features of Kokoist Satin Magnet:

  • Seven multi-dimensional, shimmering cat-eye gel hues.
  • Limitless nail art possibilities with magnetized shades.
  • Effortless application for seamless manicures.
  • Long-lasting durability up to 21 days without chipping.
  • Quick and mess-free transformation for full sets.
  • Utilizes ultra-fine magnetic particles to create depth with a satin finish.
  • LED-cured for a flawless final result.


  • Where is Kokoist made? Kokoist Gels are produced from scratch in Japan.
  • What are Japanese gel nails? Japanese gel manicures utilize high-quality gel nail polish made in Japan.
  • Is Kokoist hard or soft gel? Kokoist is a semi-hard gel, offering a natural and long-lasting finish.
  • How long does it take to cure Kokoist? Cure in a gel nail lamp for 30 seconds with Kokoist units or 60 seconds with other lamps.
  • Is Kokoist non-toxic? Kokoist gels are nine-free, formulated without toxic chemicals for confident use.
  • Can you soak off Kokoist? Kokoist Gel is soak-off and versatile, suitable for various gel nail services.
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