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Introducing Kenzico's REFLEX Gel & Aurora Top
Reflective glitter and gels have been the rave of this year's nail trends and we cannot get enough. Glitter and sparkle all day and night, but when you flash a flashlight on your nails, BAAM, your nails just became the star of the show.
Here is some nail inspiration on just how showstopping REFLEX gel is:
kenzico reflex flash gel polish
kenzico relfex flash gel polish
If you love Cat-Eye, then this Kenzico Aurora (Cat Eye) No-Wipe Top is for you. Can't find the right color/shade in cat-eye, so why not make your favorite color a cat-eye gel with this top coat.
kenzico aurora cat eye top coat
Shop REFLEX Gel Polish and Aurora Top Coat. Available both online and in-store.
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