OPI Summer 2024 - OPI My Me Era Collection

Gear up for an active summer with the OPI My Me Era Summer 2024 collection, featuring trendsetting colors that ignite the beauty scene. Explore vibrant self-expression with bold cremes and radiant shimmers that make a powerful statement of individuality and style. This isn't just about choosing a color; it's about defining yourself with every brushstroke. Embrace the My Me Era with confidence and brilliance.

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Collection Highlights:

  • Celebrates individuality and personal style with each shade.
  • Offers a diverse range of colors from bright reds and oranges to deep blues and greens.
  • Includes both Infinite Shine and Gel Color & Nail Lacquer formulas.
  • Features unique colors and names exclusive to the Infinity Shine line, separate from Gel Color and Nail Lacquer options.
  • Provides a generous selection suitable for every mood, occasion, and personality.
  • Inspiring color names resonate with the wearer.
  • Offers a variety of finishes from crème to shimmer, catering to different tastes and occasions.
  • Designed for durability, ensuring long-lasting wear appreciated by professionals and clients alike.
  • Colors inspired by the trends and vibes of summer 2024, reflecting the season's energy and warmth.
  • Suitable for various nail art techniques, providing versatility for creative designs.

opi nail polish feelin' fire, opi nail polish midnight snacc

OPI Gel Polish & Matching Nail Lacquer:

  • Dream Come Blue: A cobalt cream shade symbolizing bluetiful dreams and aspirations.
  • Feelin’ Fire: A lively fiery orange representing energy and inspiration.
  • I Can Buy Myself Violets: Bold violets embodying independence and confidence.
  • Lookin Cute icle: Golden yellows sparkling with optimism and brightness.
  • Midnight Snacc: Tempting dark cream evoking indulgent moments.
  • My Me Era: Unapologetic coral celebrating personal radiance and style.
  • Pricele$$: Rich greens reflecting prosperity and authenticity.
  • Purrrride: Dark brown cream embodying pure joy and triumph.
  • Stop at Nothin: Classic red cream symbolizing determination and passion.
  • You’ve Been Red: Bold bright red crème demanding attention and confidence.
  • As Real as It Gets: Classic white crème representing authenticity and truth.
  • BeeFFR: Friendly yellows reminding of life’s sweetness and companionship.

opi nail polish you're the zest, opi nail polish funshine

OPI Infinite Shine Polish Unique Colors:

  • You’re the Zest: Juicy orange shimmer infusing zest and excitement.
  • Feelin Myself: Hot pink shimmer celebrating self-confidence and inner glow.
  • Funshine: Ray of golden yellow shimmer capturing the essence of summer.
  • I Deserve the Whirl: Shimmery deep sky blue symbolizing boundless dreams.
  • Limelight: Lively lime green shimmer spotlighting your unique style.
  • My Own Bestie: Shimmery violet representing the constancy of friendship.
  • On Cloud Fine: Serene aqua blue shimmer lifting spirits to new heights.
  • Self Looove: Candy apple red shimmer indulging in self-appreciation.
  • Sheen Stealer: Mysterious teal shimmer ensuring you steal the spotlight.

opi nail polish sheen stealer, opi nail polish I deserve the whirl

Popular Summer Nail Designs

  • Daisy Summer Nails
  • Chrome Nails
  • Velvet Cat Eye Nails


  1. Does OPI gel polish need UV or LED light? Whether you have a UV or LED lamp, OPI GELCOLOR can be cured under both. However, an LED lamp will cure the formula much quicker than a UV lamp, and as it doesn't use UV light, it's much kinder to the skin.
  2. Why is OPI so popular? OPI is a brand of professional-grade nail polish that is known for its high quality and long-lasting formula. It is a popular choice among both consumers and nail professionals, and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes.
  3. Where to buy opi gel polish? You can buy online at classiquesupply.com or in store at Classique Nails Beauty Supply 3615 Weston Rd, Unit 3, Toronto, ON, M9L 1V8, Canada
  4. What is infinite shine polish? Infinite Shine is an enhanced lacquer that is applied just like traditional nail polish yet it wears like a gel or acrylic system.
  5. Do you need a light for OPI Infinite Shine? A polish that performs like a gel, the beauty of OPI Infinite Shine is that it doesn't need curing or soaking off, so it can easily be applied and removed at home and in the nail salon without the need for a lamp or acetone.
  6. What is the release date for OPI Summer 2024? The release date for the OPI Summer 2024 collection is May 1st, 2024.
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