The Gel Bottle Gel Polish - Wedding Collection

The name "Wedding" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Our brand-new TGB Wedding Collection offers everything you need for perfect wedding manicures, whether for the bride-to-be or a honored guest. This includes new shades from our Wedding Collection.
Enjoy a 10% discount* when you purchase the entire Wedding collection.
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Collection Highlights:

A timeless selection of romantic shimmers and metallics suitable for brides, grooms, or wedding guests. We promise six shades that your clients will adore.

  • 100% Gel system
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Highly pigmented for easy coverage
  • Non-shrink and non-yellowing
  • Long-lasting formula for up to 4 weeks
  • LED and UV curable
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • Smooth and creamy finish
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Included Gel Polish Colors:

Best Combinations:

  • The Gel Bottle - Rubber Base #73
  • The Gel Bottle BIAB - Clear #54
  • The Gel Bottle - Rubber Top 2.0 #74
  • The Gel Bottle - Matte Top Coat #72
  • The Gel Bottle Chrome Pigment - Iced
  • The Gel Bottle - Light The Way LED/UV Nail Lamp


  1. Can anyone order The Gel Bottle? Yes, anyone can order online or visit Classique Nails Beauty Supply Store.
  2. Is The Gel Bottle good for your nails? Yes, it can be used alone on the natural nail bed to enhance natural nail growth and strength, especially for clients with brittle nails. Similar to Rubber Base, BIAB™ increases nail flexibility, reducing the risk of breakage.
  3. Is The Gel Bottle UV or LED? Our 48W UV/LED lamp combines both technologies for fast, reliable, and professional results.
  4. Why choose The Gel Bottle? It's a gel that's stronger and acts as a protective layer over natural nails. It's ideal for aiding nail growth and can be easily soaked off like a regular gel manicure.

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