Collection: OPI Fall Wonders Fall 2022 Collection

OPI FALL WONDERS - Fall 2022 Collection

OPI Fall Wonders Fall 2022 collection will consist of 12 new shades with a down-to-earth color palette which are inspired by the four elements of nature: fire, water, air, and earth. The idea of Fall Wonders is formulate to flatter all skin tones and brings fall vibe to you.

OPI Fall Wonders Fall 2022 Collection - Color Shade

  • Brown to earth (a creamy dark brown)
  • Cave the way (a black pearl)
  • Claydreaming (neutral creamy brown-purple)
  • Clean slate (dark metallic grey)
  • I mica be dream (A shimmering metallic gold)
  • Medi-take it all in (a balancing creamy purple)
  • Midnight mantra (a dark navy blue)
  • Ochre the moon  (a warm creamy yellow)
  • Peace of mined (an earthy creamy mauve)
  • Red-veal your truth (a warm creamy red)
  • Rust & relaxation (warm creamy rust orange)
  • Suzi takes a sound bath (a down to earth blue shimmer)