How to Do Dip Powder Manicure For Beginner

Ready for a DIY dip mani? Follow our step-by-step tutorial.
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Dipping Liquids

Step 1 Bond (Click to Shop)
Step 2 Base (Click to Shop)
Step 3 Activator - Seal Protect (Click to Shop)
Step 4 Top (Click to Shop)
Step 5 Brush Saver (Click to Shop)


Clear Base Dipping Powder

clear base dipping powder

Dipping Powder Color Brands

Chisel Nail Art (Click to Shop)  MD Nails (Click to Shop)
Nu Revolution (Click to Shop) KAT Beauty (Click to Shop)
NuGenersis (Click to Shop) Kiara Sky Nails (Click to Shop)
OPI Powder Perfection (Click to Shop) 2 Guys Nails (Click to Shop)
Gelish Xpress Dip (Click to Shop)