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Beginner Builder Gel Kit

Beginner Builder Gel Kit

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Beginner Builder Gel Kit

This beginner-friendly gel kit includes all the essential tools needed to create beautiful nails with ease.

Get salon-grade nails in the comfort of your own home!

Kit includes:

  • Cordless Rechargeable LED Lamp x1
  • ibd LED/UV Clear Builder Gel 2oz x1
  • Kenzico Crystal Gel Brush #406 x1
  • ibd Dehydrate 0.5oz x1
  • ibd LED/UV Bonder 0.5oz x1 
  • EzFlow Essential Oil Plus Cuticle Oil Therapy 0.5oz x1
  • Apollo 3pcs Man Kit x3
  • EzFlow File - Grey Wolf 150/150 x3
  • Liz'N Soak Off Base Coat 0.5oz x1
  • Liz'N Soak Off No Wipe Top Coat 0.5oz x1
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